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The Importance of Website Design

Updated: May 11, 2020

Brian Lawrence is a name few wedding professionals don’t know. Here’s a website designer whose extensive background in the wedding industry means he has everything it takes to design a website for any kind of wedding professional. So if that's what you are, you might want to see what Brian can do for you.

It matters little whether you’re a wedding caterer, a wedding DJ, a florist, whether you offer wedding venues, etc. He knows exactly what he has to do to haul in clients and keep them clicking on your website.

But what makes Brian so different from others in his line of work? And why are his services so exceptional? So many years in the industry is one reason, but experience and talent have a lot to do with it too. There’s so much more to what Brian does, though. He’s this week’s venue spotlight too!

· How long have you been in the wedding industry?

I’ve been in the wedding event and wedding industry my entire career.

· How did it all start?

Born in Brooklyn, NY., I learned a lot about sales and dealing with people, generally. Working in banquet facilities and beach clubs, relying on gratuities.

Growing up in catering, I began as a multi-location retailer before becoming a wedding industry mentor.

· Why is website redesign so important?

In this era, the importance of a website for a wedding professional-or any kind of professional-cannot be overemphasized. It’s where your potential clients think of first, especially when they’re considering hiring. It’s a platform to sell yourself without limits. The success of any business is the priority of any owner.

· How do you go about the redesign process?

This has been my niche all my career. I and my team typically get any professional wedding website ready in 2-3 weeks. Creating wedding websites for vendors is and has been my company’s focus all these years. With our experience, you can expect nothing less than state-of-the-art.

We build websites that resonate with your wedding couples through our insight and experience. It’s a smooth process without interruption to your business, while we create a website that beats your competitors.

· Why does the business work for you?

Every professional uses a website these days. Even older companies are creating an online presence for themselves. If having an online presence didn’t work out well for these professionals, they wouldn’t want it—but that’s not the case, hence a good business for me.

What Brian has done for other wedding professionals, he can also do for you. Here are are few other testimonials by some pretty great people in the wedding industry too:

“While I don’t personally make websites, you can contact my friend Brian Lawrence, with whom I have collaborated on many wedding industry sites over the years. He knows the industry and knows the way I think. Besides strong design elements, he follows my formula and also factors in good SEO practices.” — Alan Berg CSP.

“… He has a vast wedding industry knowledge, is reliable, accountable, and genuinely cares about maximizing all opportunities he cultivates. He also has very good marketing and business mind. I hope to work again with him sometime in the future.”

-Peter Abruzzo, Former CEO XEDO.

So, if you need a website redesign, we highly recommend calling Brian.


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