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Tips for Marketing Wedding Photography

One of the most important aspects of a wedding day is the memories caught in the wedding photos.  Couples wait in anticipation to receive their memories in picture form to reminisce the day that they expressed their love.  Nothing is more satisfying for a couple than to look at their photos and see their dreams come to fruition.  Seeing the joy and happiness of the day looking back at them in smiling photos brings the love and joy of the day back whenever they look at the photos. As a wedding photographer what can you do to keep your business on the top of couple’s list of those to book?

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Blogging is an important aspect when it comes to marketing.  Couples planning a wedding are always looking for unique and personalized experiences. Do you have a way to make couples feel special and stand out from the crowd?  If so. Use your blog articles to set you apart from the photographer across town.  Use examples of some of the photo shoots that you have created for other couples and what you can do to make their shoot personal to them and their day.  You as a professional photographer knows how important photos are in capturing the attention of people.  Display your work and write blog articles that will grab the attention of couples who are looking for a professional who will not only beautifully capture their day but also be willing to listen to their needs and wants for the photos.  

  • Trends are always changing and as a wedding photographer you want to stay in the loop with what most couples are wanting.  For instance, couples are wanting more relaxed and casual feel.  With all this year has brought many couples are wanting to focus less on the details and more on family.  However, with less traditional family, posed photos couples are wanting to capture more natural and spontaneous settings.    Use your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook to offer suggestions of ways that you can capture their day as their photographer.  Post unique photos of weddings you have shot that showcase your talent and don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions of what people would like to see in their wedding album that is out of the box.  

People are looking to Social Media more and more to get ideas and feel confident in the Wedding Photographer that they choose for one of the most important day of their lives.   Keeping yourself involved in the latest and greatest will help keep you on the minds of people even after their wedding day.  There are many moments in life that people want captured in a “still” memory.   Keep your website, blogs and Social Media up to date and you can capture their lives in all stages.  Need help?  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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