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Tips on How to Promote Your Local Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning weddings, choosing the venue for the event is one of the most vital decisions couples have to make. Bridal Marketing Group has all the right tips you need for this. To attract more clients that will book your wedding venue, follow the following tips and you will be on your way to success

· Begin with a website: The feelings and emotions you want to create in the bride is determined a lot by the images you portray on your website so be sure to put a lot of effort in getting the pictures right. Use photos that will stir emotion and get them excited about your venue. Use a variety of locations you have available. This will show the intending couple of all the sections they will be using.

· Use Instagram regularly: The modern bride goes to Instagram to check out images for potential wedding venues; it is one of the biggest platforms for people working in the wedding industry to advertise their business so why shouldn’t you do the same? Let your posts on Instagram be regular, consistent and attractive enough to serve as the gateway to your website. To reach a bigger audience, you can create sponsored posts.

This will increase the traffic on your website as brides now have an expose on what you have to offer and will schedule appointments to see the venue itself. Remember, while posting on Instagram, use as many hashtags as possible in relation to your posts, the exact location of your venue and the specifics that make it stand out from others. This will make it easier for people who are looking for your type of local wedding venue to find it when they conduct a search online.

· Make videos: In addition to photos, you can add videos to your website, social media platforms and the storefront at wedding websites to promote your venue. Make videos on the setups and behind-the-scenes work that go into weddings to enable couples to see your crew and get an idea of the people they will be working with, and how they come together to set up the venue.

Contact us at Bridal Marketing Group, and we will help with your bridal marketing challenges so that your local wedding venue will keep getting booked month after month, all through the year.


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