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How to Attract Engaged Couples During The Pandemic

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Wedding Trends are always changing, and couples want unique and personal experiences on their wedding day.  As a wedding professional staying on top of these changes is a necessity and keeps you built up as an expert in your field.  How can you no matter what part of the wedding profession your company covers stay up with your marketing and make sure you are staying at the top of couples list planning their big day?

Here are some ideas to try.

  • A trend that has become more useful especially now with the worldwide pandemic is virtual planning and using virtual invites and even zooming the ceremony for those who cannot be there in person.   If your profession is wedding planning and you have several venues in mind for a couple set up a virtual tour for them to see the venue in real time while still being able to social distance.  Use your blog article to your benefit.  Make sure that you are using these articles to give your ideas and what you offer for those who are planning a small ceremony and will need other avenues to include those that they would like at their wedding but may not be able to have them there in person.   Show different ideas of how they can possibly use virtual invites that can still be personal to them as a couple.  

  • Another trend that has picked up some speed is weekday weddings.  With all the cancellations and changes of the year of the pandemic many couples have had to reschedule their wedding day, and this has caused the weekends to fill up very quickly.  So instead of putting off the wedding day couples have decided to go for a less traditional weekday wedding.  Use your Social Media to promote this idea and perhaps offer suggestions that will make the wedding day fun and exciting no matter what day of the week it is.  Keep your Social Media fresh and full of content that is relevant for the times that we are living.  If possible, doing daily posts (Mon-Fri) is the best way to use your Media to the fullest.  The more content that you have the more possibility you have for building your following.  

Weddings will always be a part of the world around us.  Make sure that your company will always be a part of the wedding world by setting your company up as the expert in your field.  Do you need some help keeping this current?  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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