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Tips on Marketing to Brides for their Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are all about love and sharing this dreamed about moment with your best friends.  This is where maid of honor and bridesmaids come in.  Not only is the brides gown an important aspect of the theme of the wedding but so are the bridesmaid dresses.  Trends come and go so how do you as a wedding dress boutique make sure you are reaching brides not only for their gown but also for their closest friends who will make the party complete?

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Bridesmaid and maid of honor dress trends change from wedding to wedding.  Every bride has her own vision of what she wants her wedding party to look like.   For some brides they have ditched the expected every bridesmaid should be wearing the same dress thinking.  A great trend that many brides are liking is letting her party have some say in the dress that makes them feel beautiful.  Gone are the days of dreading putting on a dress that all the bridesmaid can think of is ways to destroy the dress that makes them feel uncomfortable.  So, what can you do to market this trend?  Write some blog articles that will help all body types and shapes find the perfect fit for their body type.  This will appeal not only to the wedding party members but also to the bride who will have friends who will love her for letting them feel comfortable in their own skin.  

  • Another trend slowly taking on a life of its own is that of bridesmaids wearing pantsuits.  Some brides choose to have a more laid back and possibly outside wedding.  So, because of this they decide to have a lower key outside feel.  So, can you as a Wedding professional offer some tips on using this trend yet at the same time keeping the sacredness of the day?  Use your social media such as Instagram and Facebook to offer suggestions that brides and bridesmaids would see as helpful.  Also, many brides looking for a more elegant theme decide to do black bridesmaid dresses.  This was not always looked on as a popular trend.  Many look at black as something you wear at a funeral.  However, you can market to this trend by offering suggestions on how to make black look elegant and formal. 

Marketing is an important aspect to any business.  Especially true is this in the Wedding industry.  With so many competing for the attention of couples planning their weddings you need to stand out.  Need help?  Check out our Social Media packages here.


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