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Tips on Marketing to Couples who Are Planning Their Second Wedding

Many couples have been married once before and when they find a new love and are ready to get married again the excitement they felt with their first wedding may not be the same.  All the planning, stress and money spent may not seem appealing. How can you shift your reach in your marketing strategy to find these couples?  

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

  • Couples who are older and have been married before may be looking to have a wedding that is more family involved.  There may be his and hers children involved in this new family unit.  Marketing your expertise to cover this area is important.  Are you a wedding dress boutique?  Perhaps offer not only ideas for wedding dresses but also dress attire for children who may be included in the ceremony.  Be the one stop shop!  Put together options and pricing and post this on your website and Social Media.

  • Are you a wedding vendor with a blog?  Put together blogs that answer frequently asked questions that couples on their second marriage may have.  Questions such as “Who walks the bride down the aisle?”, “What color should the dress be?”, “Should the couple register for gifts?” and so forth.  Many couples may feel unsure of how a second wedding should be handled differently than a first wedding.  The more tips and answers to questions you can give the more they will look to you as the Wedding Expert they are looking for.

  • Make full use of your Social Media.  Always engage people in social settings.  Ask questions and be the one to get the conversations going when it comes to people's opinions about second weddings.  People are curious but also may be a little timid when it comes to asking questions themselves.  If they see that you are asking all the right questions and getting satisfying answers, they will visit your Media and website regularly and you will build your client list. 

The world is full of changing views and trends so be sure you as a Wedding Expert are keeping up with all the things people are talking about and trying.  The more you have to offer as far as information and interesting content the faster your bookings will fill up.  Are you ready to get your Social Media running smoothly with great, fresh and relevant content?  Wait no more!  Check out our Social Media Packages here!


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