Tips on Marketing Trends for Wedding Flowers

One of the most important aspects of Wedding planning is the floral arrangements for the wedding party bouquet and the flowers for the ceremony and reception.  With new trends changing how bride’s do things frequently, how do you as a Wedding Florist keep up with the trends and then market your business for these clients?

Here are some ideas for you to think about.

  • One of the trends that is picking up speed is more colorful palettes and flowers with dimension.  Brides are wanting a less traditional wedding staying away from the mostly white flowers that are commonly used.  As a florist be sure to have your version of beautiful and unique ideas displayed not only with vivid, clear photos on your website but also on your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook.  Ask questions of those who follow you about what they have used or liked to get a feel for what people are thinking.  This helps to draw new followers to your Social Media and then to you as a new client. 

  • Think past the bouquet.  Brides are now wanting flowers to be used in unique and custom ways.  Do you as a Flower artist have special and out of the box ideas for using flowers for decoration, cakes, spelling out names or initials?  Be sure that people know how you can use your talent to make their wedding day even more special than it already will be.  Use your website to set you apart from your competition.  Use photos from other events and weddings to showcase what you have done for other events and what you can do for their day.  

  • Flowers have become more than just decorations for the tabletop or aisle way.  Many brides are wanting to create a wall or umbrella of flowers to add to the elegance of the event.  Use your Blog articles to suggest ideas for those who have no vision or idea where to begin.  Not all brides have in their minds every detail that they want for their day.  So, give them ideas that they may not have thought of and that they would love.  If you give suggestions and tips that are interesting and different in your blog article people will keep coming back to your articles to find out the latest ideas that you have.

The world of Flower arranging is endless however don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Be sure that you