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Tips on Using Your Social Media as a Wedding Professional

Couples who are newly engaged are excited to get started on the planning process.  Where is the first place they start looking for tips and ideas?  Online.  Social Media to be precise.  Couples , especially millennials, are scouring through the internet to find the newest, greatest and most unique ideas for their big day.  What can you as a professional remember when using your Social Media?

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Instagram and Facebook are the go-to places for brides and grooms to see what others are doing and if there are any wedding professionals who have unique out of the box experiences to offer. We as a world are still dealing with the restrictions of the corona virus so having ideas for smaller, social distancing weddings and receptions is a must to add to your Social Media.  Having up to date and frequent posts is important.  Having daily content that is appealing and relevant to the trends that are happening in the wedding world is what will keep people interested in your company.  The more you have to say that is exciting and fresh the more people will tune into see what your next post will be.  Ask questions, put inspiring quotes and give fresh prospective on a wedding tradition to breathe new life into it.  People want unique and custom experiences that they can share with their loved ones and friends.

  • Blog articles are another way to keep people interested.  Do you have something that is unique to your company?  Then by all means write about it.  What sets you apart from the competition down the street?  Set yourself up as the expert and let people know that they are in good hands when it comes to their wedding day.  Keep the articles easy to read and not to wordy. Get to the point that you are trying to make but all the while keeping their interest.   Make sure that once they find your blog they also find you by having a link at the bottom of your article that will take them to your homepage so they can learn more about what you can do to make their day even more special.  Use clear photos that showcase what your profession in the Wedding industry is.  Also important is using SEO (search engine optimized) wording.  Use relevant words that people will be searching for while planning a wedding with your profession in mind.

No need to stress!  Social Media is important, and you should be keeping up with it to make your company stand out.  You do not have to take this on alone.  That is why we are here.  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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