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Tips on Wedding Trends to Market

With wedding trends always changing and people now more willing to try out of the box ideas it can seem hard to keep up with the most current trends.  But you as a Wedding Professional you can stay on the top of couples list who are planning a wedding.  Even now with the Corona Virus still throwing a wrench in the way weddings are done they are still happening.  So, what can you do?

Here are some tips.

  • A trend that some couples are enjoying is that of having their best friend stand by their side.  How is that any different than before you may be asking yourself.  Well typically the bride has a maid of honor and the groom a best man.  No more my friends, is this the way that it must be done.  Now couples are choosing to have” best women” and “mans of honor”.  Depending on who they choose as their closest friend to stand up for them the gender does not matter.  Couples want to be free to choose who will be by their side on the most important day of their life.  So be sure to offer ideas of how your wedding profession can add to this trend to make it flow on the wedding day.  If you are a wedding photographer offer tips on fun ideas of photos that will make the day a memorable one.

  • Couples are also wanting to honor their grandparents by playing a more important part of the wedding day.  Especially in view of the times that we are living people have been reminded of how precious life is and how important it is to make time to spend with family.  Having family at your wedding and having even a small part bonds the family unit and makes the day even more special than it already is.  Write some blog articles that will offer some tips on ways that grandparents can be part of the ceremony or a special dance.  Give ideas and ask questions on your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook about how other couples have included this trend in their own wedding day.  

The world has always been fast paced and constantly changing.  Especially is this true when it comes to the Wedding world.  People seem to want new and unique experiences.  So, stay on your toes and keep your ideas fresh and relevant.  Even with the Corona Virus we can pivot our messages.  After all we are all in this together.... for better or worse!  Need some help?  Check out our Social Media Packages here!


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