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Tips to Market to Brides Who Want a Non-Traditional Gown

The world of wedding gowns is large and changing trends make it even more difficult to keep up with.  There are so many different styles, colors, shapes and lengths.  With brides looking for the latest and greatest how do you stay out in front as a Wedding Professional to draw in more brides to your store and have them recommending you to all of their friends and family who have weddings in the future? 

Here are 3 ideas to use to market to brides who want to stand out on their wedding day.

  •  Offer ideas to the bride that are out of the box and custom.  For example, the new trend of embroidering on gowns. Perhaps the bride and groom have a line from their favorite song that they would like to use to commemorate their love story. Or a favorite saying from a scripture. Maybe the date of their wedding would be appropriate.  Whatever they feel would be personal to them make that happen. 

  • Who says the gown must be white?  With so many different personalities in the world why does the tradition of a white gown have to be followed?  Does the bride want to stand out not just because she is the bride or because she is not afraid to show her personality with color or perhaps her personality would be shown more clearly with a shorter length gown or pantsuit.  Be sure to offer plenty of options to market to different personalities.  The more flexible and open you are to change the more brides will follow your suggestions.

  • Think like a bride.  When doing Social Media Marketing you need to think like your target market.  Think like all kinds of brides.  Make your marketing strategy just as vast as the different brides who are looking for the perfect place to buy their gown.  Offer tips and suggestions that your competition may not have thought of. 

Just like the changing world around us your marketing strategies need to keep up with the changes.  Don’t stop because you feel that you can’t keep up.  Just change how you to things to keep current.  With so many options out in the wedding gown market don’t fall behind, stay in front!  Want to do marketing to set yourself up as the expert but don’t have the time or know how?  Let us do it for you! Check out our different Social Media Packages and leave the rest to us!


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