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Tips to Reach Brides looking for Accessories

The dress is the main event of the bride's look. However, not to be forgotten are the accessories that bring it all together. The gown is usually the first thing to be checked off of the to do list. Typically the bride will have in mind what she wants in a gown. It's a different story when it comes to the accessories. Many brides will need some help and inspiration for these choices. How can you stand out as an expert not only when it comes to helping them choose the gown but also the accessories?

Here are some tips to help.

  • Give them some ideas of different or unique ways to change up the traditional look. For example, brides may be willing to try something new when it comes to the shoes that will walk them down the aisle to their forever. Gone are the days that there are not many choices. The sky's the limit when it comes to shoes. With so many shapes, sizes and colors brides are able to express their playful side if need be. Use your Social Media to showcase ideas and choices when it comes to shoes. Brides may want to add a splash of color to their gowns in the choice of shoes. This may also be true for the wedding party. Post photos of inventory you have or are able to get. Offer suggestions from flats, heels, comfort, color and maybe even boots of some sort. The more ideas you have to offer the more interest you will generate.

  • Write blogs articles on suggestions of accessories when it comes to hair, belts, jewelry or maybe even bridal hats. Use photos of things that you have to offer. Now because of the pandemic bridal boutiques are also offering virtual appointments with brides. Is this something you can offer? Write about it. Create a space on your website where brides can easily see and sign up for virtual appointments where you can show them the unique way that you as the expert can accessorise their bridal look. Offer to also include their mother and best friends. This helps create a little normalcy in the appointment and shows your desire to help wherever possible to create a memorable experience.

Now is the time to keep your Bridal Boutique on the top. Stay up with the latest trends and be sure to include this in your marketing. Not sure how to do this or have the time? No problem! Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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