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Tips to Reach Brides Planning Their Summer Weddings

With Spring here and Summer quickly approaching, many couples are in the planning stages of their summer or 2021 wedding. Many couples have had to cancel or reschedule their wedding that should have happened last year and are wanting to have their weddings while they can. This may in some cases be a list of last-minute decisions and looking for venues and wedding professionals who can cater to a quick wedding checklist. How can you as a wedding professional make sure that you are on the radar of these couples?

Check out these tips.

  • Marketing is the way to boost your business. Are using your social media outlets to their full potential? How is your posting on Facebook and Instagram? Do you post on a regular basis and use tips and trends and ideas that are fresh and relevant? People, especially brides want their weddings to be not only memorable but also a reflection of themselves and to be unique. Do you have ideas that can convey this? Share it! Be sure to use photos in your posts that are clear and get the emotion across that you are wanting. Can this idea or ideas be done last minute? Put that on your website that your services can be done in a swift yet still professional manner for those who are looking for this kind of service. Also appeal to those who are looking for more time to plan.

  • Do you make good use of your website? Is it easy to navigate and are potential clients able to find a good contact number in case they want to talk to you in person? What about your blog? Do you write articles that showcase your talent in the wedding industry? Blog articles are a great way to set yourself up as an expert in your field so that clients will continue to search you out for your latest idea. With so many now looking to the web for trends and unique tips you do not want to be left behind while all your competitors are sharing their thoughts and building their client portfolios. Write weekly blog articles that will motivate and get people connecting with your business.

Are you busy with the day-to-day operations of your business and just don’t have a lot of spare time to worry about content marketing? No need to stress! That is what our company Bridal Marketing Group does. Let us take this task off your hands! Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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