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Tips to Use to Market to Couples Who Want an All-Inclusive Menu at their Reception

Are you a catering company and you have noticed the trend of couples wanting to have a more inclusive menu at their Wedding Reception?  Many couples want to be more respectful of their guests and include their needs in their planning. Or maybe even one or both the bride and groom have special needs when it comes to food.  How do you market your company so that couples will choose you when deciding on a menu? 

 Here are a few tips to keep in mind

  • Widen out.  Many couples are now more sensitive to the needs of family and friends who have allergy or dietary restrictions.  For instance, people may need food that is gluten free.  There may also be those who have certain allergies or who are vegetarian.  Prepare options that the couple may have as a choice on their menu for these guests.  Do your best to be creative as many want all their guests, including those with certain food needs, to enjoy the meal at their reception.

  • Think Drinks also.  Not all guests will want alcohol.  Or the wedding party may decide against having alcohol at their reception.  That does not mean that the drinks need to be boring.  There are many non-alcoholic drinks that can be crafted and add to the flare of the event.  Add a few options to the list of choices.  Perhaps have a few created when you met with the couple for them to taste test.  Your extra effort will go a long way!

  • Give them ideas on how to mark the food that is for guests with allergies or who are vegetarian.  Perhaps if it is just a few guests they can create a special menu with a few choices for the guest.  If they have several guests with this same need and they are having a buffet mark the food that is for those who need this option.  

Inclusive menus are becoming more popular due to food allergies and people choosing healthier options.  With more brides and grooms wanting to make sure that every family member and friend is being taken care of and enjoying themselves the need for Catering companies to change with the times is growing.  How do you use all the Social Media outlets to your advantage so that you can make sure that couples know you are staying up with newest trends?  Let us take care of that for you!  Check out our Social Media Packages here!


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