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Why you Should Use Blogs in Marketing Your Wedding Profession

Blogging is a very popular way that people have gotten their name and business out to potential clients.  People who blog set themselves up as the professional in their line of work.  Now more than ever blogs and Social Media is being used to grow business.   Why should you use blogs to set yourself up as an expert in your wedding field?  

Consider these reasons.

  • Builds confidence.  Couples planning a wedding want to know that whoever they choose for their vendor, florist, photographer or whatever field you are in has credibility in their profession.  The more you have to say about what you do and offer tips and trends on what is happening in the world around us the more couples will feel confident that you will provide the service for their wedding that they are looking for. Blogging gives you a platform to showcase your talents and the things that set you apart from others. Use it to the full!

  • When couples start to plan their wedding, the search is on for someone who is offering advice that will make their wedding one for the books.  The more information you can offer through blogging at least once or twice a week is important.  Once a couple finds your blog and finds the information useful, they will return to you as the one that has all the best ideas that they have been searching for.  If you keep giving them great tips, they will return to your site again and again and not feel the need to look to anyone else. 

  • Search engines are a great tool.  When your blog is done right search engines will find your blog easily.  Content that is fresh and updated regularly is what search engines are designed for.  Make sure that your blog and therefore you are being found when couples are looking to book wedding professionals for their wedding.   Use appropriate photos as well.  Don’t make the mistake of using a photo of a wedding cake when the blog is about the father/daughter dance.  The content and photo need to lend themselves to the subject of the blog.  Also make sure your blog links to your website where people can learn more about your service.  Don’t lead people away from you and into the waiting arm of your competition.  Cross promoting is a great tool when done right just make sure you know how everything works to promote your business. 

If you go on the internet you will find blog after blog on ideas, trends and tricks of the trade.  No reason you can’t be among the more popular looked to blogs.  Unsure of where to begin?  Need a blog added to your website? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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